Non-Surgical Weight Management Offerings at WINH

The Weight Institute of NH and Concord Hospital – Laconia provide a broad range of programs and services to support your weight loss goals and improved health.

  • OPTIFAST® — A medically supervised, calorie-restricted meal replacement program. Over the duration of the program, one will transition to self-prepared ‘everyday’ meals and receive nutrition education and support. The average weight loss is 50 lbs.
  • Medication Assisted Weight Loss — A comprehensive program that combines lifestyle changes with the assistance of medication to promote weight loss.
  • Weekly Weight-In — After meeting with a Registered Dietitian to design an individualized meal plan, you will attend weekly weigh-ins and nutrition sessions. Weekly meetings cover different nutrition topics and goal setting to optimize your weight loss. Mondays 5:00-6:00pm. Cost $45/month or $125 for three months.
  • Individual Nutritional Counseling — One-on-one meetings with a Registered Dietitian to learn about disease-specific nutrition therapy, weight loss and healthy eating.
  • Support Groups — We offer different types depending on if you have chosen the surgical or non-surgical path to weight loss.
  • Body Composition — Have you ever wondered what your percent body fat is? We have a scale that measures body composition including fat mass, percent fat, muscle mass, total body water and bone mass. Cost: $20 for reading and interpreting by a Registered Dietitian.

2023 Non-Surgical Information Sessions Schedule

Take the first step towards better health today. Contact the Weight Institute of New Hampshire at (603) 527-2946 to begin your weight loss journey.